Texas Couple Arrested With Cache of Weapons Held Without Bail

An arsenal of weapons found in a hotel room at the Tewksbury Residence Inn last Saturday led to the arrests of 59-year-old Francho Bradley and his 40-year-old common law wife Adrianne Jennings – both of Texas.

“He brought with him at least five or six long rifles, three handguns, many, many, many large capacity magazines, all of which were fully loaded,” said prosecutor Daniel Harren of the weapons they allegedly stockpiled.

A judge held them without bail Friday for at least 120 days, pending a trial.

“There’s no logical explanation to bring all that material with you,” said Prosecutor Daniel Harren of the weapons collection.

In fact, prosecutors say they’re baffled at the fact of how the weapons were discovered. It happened when Bradley called 9-1-1 himself last weekend, saying he was concerned someone was breaking into his hotel room.

He allegedly later told police he “needed them with him for his mission” and that he was “working for a government agency.”

“I really don’t see someone in their right mind saying to a number of police officers when they just found guns in your room to say, ‘I’m waiting for my call from the government,’” said Harren.

Bradley’s attorney Robert Normandin said his client was within his legal rights. “These are weapons that he’s just accumulated over the years, has bought legally,” he said.

Normandin says his client was here on legitimate business with the Texas-based military communication equipment company he owns called Ensyma Engineering.

“It’s not any secret mission, secret government thing," said Normandin. "It’s a business that he owns, trying to sell equipment to the Department of Defense and [he] is looking to be embedded with the troops in order to show how the equipment works.”

Prosecutors admit they have not uncovered any specific plot or conspiracy between the couple. They are due back in court April 26th.

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