‘That Is 2020': Lightning Crashes Down as Couple Weds in Marion, Mass.

Guests at the wedding of Denice and Aaron Sawitsky were stunned by the thunder that boomed as a bolt of lightning struck across the cove while they were exchanging their vows

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It was a picture-perfect wedding for the year 2020.

Denice and Aaron Sawitsky were getting married in Marion, Massachusetts, when a lightning bolt came crashing down.

"I started telling her, 'If we have a wedding that goes completely as planned, it will be a boring wedding that no one remembers,' and we definitely did not have a boring wedding," Aaron Sawitsky said.

"In any sense of that word," Denice Sawitsky continued.

Striking images showing the storm over their nuptials have gone viral.

"When we saw the stills, that was scary to see how close the lightning was," the groom added.

The couple had just said part of their vows in Aaron Sawitsky's backyard in Marion over the weekend when Mother Nature chimed in at an eerie time.

"Denice had just finished saying her vows, and I started talking about mine, and just as I started saying my vows, I mentioned 2020, and of course, the skies opened up, and lightning hit right across the cove from us," he said.

The happy couple and guests were stunned.

"That is 2020, like, that's what happens," said the bride.

As the skies changed again came new hope for surviving any storm.

"The wedding evening ended with a rainbow and sunny skies, so hopefully, that's a good omen for what's ahead," the groom said.

The newlyweds are spending their honeymoon in Nantucket due to travel and quarantine restrictions, and they're reminiscing about their unforgettable wedding.

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