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‘The American People Know Me': Biden Talks Trump in NH

Former Secretary of State John Kerry campaigned with Biden in Nashua

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"The only team that spent more effort cooperating with each other than us was Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin."

That's what former Secretary of State John Kerry had to say to a group of supporters in New Hampshire on Sunday.

Kerry campaigned in Nashua with Joe Biden, just days after Biden was asked at an Iowa town hall about the role he played in helping his son Hunter get a job at a Ukrainian gas company. 

Some Democrats appreciated the passion Biden showed in defending his son, but others say he still needs to come up with a clear and convincing response on a topic that Republicans - and President Trump - are unlikely to let go. He insisted that he wasn't concerned about the spotlight that would follow when his son inevitably is called to testify in the impeachment trial.

"The American people know me," he said. "Donald Trump does everything to take the focus off of him. Did he violate his oath of office? Invite a foreign power to get engaged in domestic politics? It’s clear he did."

"They want to create doubt," Kerry said. "It’s a political tactic of theirs. Why are they doing that to Joe Biden?...Because this is the man that they fear can and will defeat him."

But it’s a subject that’s not going to go away. Biden denied that he would have to lay out the events that happened to the public, saying that there was nothing to lay out.

"Mr. President, you want to deal with corruption, let’s start with you," Biden said. "That’s what this is about. It’s not about me, it’s about you."

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