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The Cold Comes for Us

It's become so common over the last several weeks that the days seem to have blurred together. Warmth here, warmth way over there. Multiple records falling across New England - and not just by a few degrees. Windows open, shorts and T-shirts. But now...


The front moving through this evening puts all that to rest with a shot of cool November air. What's a bigger deal is that it is sustained. It will culminate in a very cold airmass late this week. As a side note, there are NO storms brewing (yet) so we're not seeing a sync between the cold and precipitation (translated: no accumulating snow expected).

For the time being, the cool air will be accompanied by heavy clouds. That's the real reason behind the dramatic drop off between today and tomorrow. Granted it is the cloudiest month of the year, so this is to be expected.

After a little respite from the cold, the second - and more significant - shot of chill will arrive by Friday. It's then that we feel the full brunt of early winter. Highs will struggle to get above freezing with a gusty, icy wind.

Some easing of the cold is expected next weekend, but get ready to blast the heat late this week!

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