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The Cold Weather Won’t Go Away Quietly

Expect snow, ice and eventually rain

We await the arrival of the cold with a partly sunny day in the 40s today.

Nothing special, but with increasing westerly winds and developing mountain flurries and snow showers over Vermont, you'll know something is changing. That change will be brought about by a cold front.

It charges through late tonight and Friday morning with a boisterous wind and plenty of chill. Highs over the weekend will struggle to make freezing. Meantime, a storm will be marching across the U.S.

When it arrives, it will attempt to pry out the cold air with a warm front. Fat chance? I wouldn't say that, but the cold won't go quietly. Expect snow, ice and eventually rain.

And it lands just in time for the morning ride. Yeah, I just typed that. Be forewarned that the Monday AM commute looks nasty with icing likely Metrowest and Greater Worcester.

What follows will be the coldest air we've seen in three years. With more cold in the pipeline through mid-month, there won't be any 70s in your Christmas stocking this year.

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