The Man Behind Boston's Secret Trophy Room

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There is a mystery in Boston and only one reporter can solve it — as long as he can pretend to be a grizzled 1940’s gumshoe while he does it.

There has been a secret trophy room under the Longfellow Bridge in Cambridge, Massachusetts, since 2015. The public art display appeared overnight has puzzled locals and tourists alike.

It all started with a few trophies on some metal bracings under the bridge, but soon more and more people were adding random trophies to the display. Trophies have come and gone from under the bridge, even after the bridge was reconstructed a few years ago.

The man behind it has chosen to remain anonymous, but that didn’t stop Rob Michaelson from tracking him down. He met up with the 50-year-old local attorney to find out why he started the trophy room and why he has kept it going all these years.

Questions are answered in what eventually turns into a special film noir episode of "Boston Decoded."

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