Maine Organization Reports Uptick in Number of Distressed Seals

It has been a difficult summer for seals off of Maine’s coast. The Marine Mammals of Maine (MMoME) is reporting an uptick in the number of distressed pups and seals that need medical attention and they say the severity of the animals’ injuries is worse this year, compared to last.

“These animals are just down and out,” said executive director Lynda Doughty.

Last year, MMoME treated 40 animals. So far this year, they have treated 60.

“We’ve been so busy this year, we have gone through our animal care budget and surpassed that,” said Doughty. “So we are really trying to help the animals that need it. But we are also trying to be realistic in what we can financially afford.”

Funding for their work is inconsistent and is based on grant money and private donations.

MMoME is the only rescue and triage center of its kind in the state.

Last weekend, MMoME rescued a seal stranded on Long Sands Beach in York. Doughty said the seal has a respiratory infection and will require weeks of care.

MMoME relies entirely on private donations to support annual operating costs. To donate, visit their website.

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