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Here is what we covered this week:

Matt Patricia Accusations Come to Light

Former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is defending himself against a sexual assault allegation from 1996.

Patricia, now the head coach of the Detroit Lions, was indicted along with a friend of aggravated sexual assault for an alleged incident involving a woman in Texas, but the case was later dismissed.


Tiny Houses in Boston?

It’s no secret that finding affordable housing in Boston is a challenge. Now city officials think they have a solution – tiny houses.

You can check out a “plug-in house” at City Hall Plaza. It’s a 360-square-foot, energy-efficient house that can be built in “creative spaces.”


Dunkin' Donuts Getting Royal

Dunkin’ Donuts is rolling out a new treat to celebrate the royal wedding. It’s a heart-shaped donut filled with jelly and frosted with chocolate icing – and the company says it’s as sweet as the couple themselves.


Pollen Bomb Is a Nightmare for Noses

This is every allergy sufferer's worst nightmare. A man in New Jersey set off a pollen bomb. Check it out. He was in his excavator when he bumped into a tree, setting a cloud of yellow dust into the air.

Try not to sneeze while watching this video.


Celtics Charge Ahead

The Boston Celtics are headed back to the Eastern Conference Finals, after clinching a series win over the 76ers wednesday night at TD Garden.

Next up in the C’s improbable postseason run? None other than the King himself, LeBron James and the Cavs.


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