The Inn at Bay Pointe in Quincy Is Now Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant

Bay Pointe
Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant

A casual upscale waterside restaurant south of Boston has changed its name, though the place itself is not changing.

According to a Facebook post from the dining spot, The Inn at Bay Pointe in Quincy is now called Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant, with the note saying that "There is no secret that we have never been an actual "inn"....We initially chose that moniker back when we opened in the late 1990s to impart a sense of hospitality. While ownership has remained the same since day one...the time has come to evolve not only in look and feel but also in name itself." Over the past year or two, the Washington Court restaurant has made a number of upgrades, including an expansion of its waterfront deck, the addition of an outdoor bar and raw bar, updates to its menu, and renovations to its interior.

The Inn at Bay Pointe/Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant has been featured on our sister site (Boston's Hidden Restaurants) as an out-of-the-way place along the Town River Bay in the Quincy Point area, with the review being found at this link:

The address for Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant is 64 Washington Court, Quincy, MA, 02169. Its website can be found at

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