These Are Boston’s Most In-Demand Tech Skills, According to Employers

As the saying goes, you better spend your time acquiring tech skills, because that’s what the job market requires.

The suggestion to build a technical background as one of the safest ways to secure a job is valid in Boston, too. Data from the Massachusetts Office of Labor and Workforce Development shows that in less than 10 years, demand for software developers and web developers will grow by more than 26% and 11%, respectively. Software development, in particular, is one of the fastest growing occupations in the state.

This poses a new question—What are the tech skills needed for these jobs that are in demand. The answer is among data obtained by BostInno and based on analysis conducted by Indeed, the employment-related search engine.

The company identified skills that were most in demand by employers in the Boston-Cambridge metro area and ranked them based on the percentage of job postings in the tech software category. The data was gathered on job postings published from October 2017 to October 2018.

Here are the top ten of tech skills that are most in demand among Boston and Cambridge employers (data provided by Indeed):

  1. Java (21.38%)
  2. JavaScript (18.61%)
  3. Python (16.06%)
  4. SQL (13.79%)
  5. Amazon Web Service (12.59%)
  6. HTML (12.18%)
  7. .NET (11.59%)
  8. CSS (10.29%)
  9. C/C++ (9.17%)
  10. Rest (8.39%)
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