These Are the Mass. Cos. on Glassdoor’s ‘Best Places to Work 2017’

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A share of companies may still be clinging to their old-school way of doing business, a multitude of articles communicating the value of creating a positive work environment and treating employees well. It increases engagement, productivityinnovation and retention. And anyone who's worked for organizations on both sides of the spectrum - the best and the worst places to work - can attest that being with a company that cares makes you want to work harder, while working for a company that treats you crap breeds contempt.

Glassdoor, the website that lets employees and job prospects review organizations based on their personal experiences with them, increases transparency into a company's business practices and how it impacts people's quality of life. It just released its 2017 Employee's Choice Awards for the Best Places to Work. There's a notable number of companies based in Massachusetts that landed on the list of 50 Best Places to Work, including the top spot.

The following rankings were provided by Glassdoor and were established from company reviews employees submitted during the eligibility timeframe. The website's proprietary algorithm then went to town, generating company ratings from "the quantity, quality and consistency of the reviews during the period of eligibility."

We give you the Mass. companies that are...

Glassdoor's Best Places to Work 2017 - Large:

1. Bain & Company - Company Rating: 4.6

“Your colleagues are legitimately smart and always interested in helping you progress your career. Pay is generous and grows quickly if you do well. Company culture is unparalleled.“ - Bain & Company Case Team Leader (Boston, MA)

3. Boston Consulting Group - Company Rating: 4.4

“Great career progression, opportunity to learn, collaborative culture, very smart teams, great benefits.” - Boston Consulting Group Employee (Boston, MA)

16. MathWorks - Company Rating: 4.3

“Just an amazing place full of smart and passionate people that want to do the right thing. Very positive and constructive culture. Management team truly lead by the values they preach.” - MathWorks Sales Support Employee (Natick, MA)

18. Forrester - Company Rating: 4.3

“You have an opportunity to make a difference, take charge of your own career and aspirations. The culture is one that fosters accountability and action in all of us.” - Forrester Vice President of Technology Management (Cambridge, MA)

25. Akamai - Company Rating: 4.3

 “I have never worked with so many smart and talented individuals who are always willing to help each other out.” - Akamai Finance Director (Cambridge, MA)
Glassdoor's Best Places to Work 2017 -  SMB:

31. Liaison International - Company Rating: 4.7

“I’ve been given career opportunities at Liaison that I wouldn’t have been given elsewhere. They really value their employees and are willing to take a chance on you, which is truly amazing.” - Liaison International Employee (Watertown, MA)

36. Berkshire Communities - Company Rating: 4.7

“Berkshire gives you the tools, support and opportunity to grow from within and they definitely recognize dedication and hard work. I am truly grateful for the opportunities.” - Berkshire Communities Maintenance Supervisor (Austin, TX)

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