‘This Ain't Nothin'!' No Pants, No Problem for These Guys Out in the Snow in Shorts

John Coakley, who was digging out in shorts and a hoodie Friday afternoon, won't put on pants until the temperature dips below zero

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Most of us bundle up as much as possible when a snow storm arrives like the one that hit the Boston area Friday.

But for a few hearty souls, shoveling nearly a foot of snow was a job fit for shorts.

"It is shorts weather all year," said John Coakley, who was digging out in shorts and a hoodie Friday afternoon.

What does it take to get him to put on pants? "It has to be cold and below zero and windy," he said.

Joseph Fresolo, on his way back to Long Island with his brother after seeing a Bruins game Thursday night, was oblivious to the cold in Lexington and thrilled with the snow.

"He's always loved driving in the snow. It doesn't change him. And the shorts," his brother, Drew Fresolo, said, before Joseph pointed out the vehicle's got all-wheel drive.

Snow is moving out and cleanup is underway in the Boston area, though plenty of people found a way to enjoy the snow day.

"I dress warm, I don't like being a nut like him," Drew added.

In Boston's South End, Rob Colonna was out Friday morning shoveling the sidewalk in shorts, accompanied by his son, Theodore, who was in Pajamas.

"Shoveling is pretty good little bit of exercise, even on our little tiny patch of sidewalk. So you never really get that cold -- and home's also just 10 feet away," Colonna said.

We found a father-and-son team shoveling snow in Boston without the aid of winter coats.

Their reward for clearing out the snow -- though Colonna said he actually enjoys shoveling -- was freshly made breakfast waiting for them inside.

Next week might be cold enough to put even Coakley in pants, though. Our First Alert weather team is expecting bitter cold to arrive early next week, along with subzero wind chill.

Puppies playing in the snow and kids sledding down snow-covered hills. The first snowstorm of the year has arrived to New England.
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