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Looking for another taste of San Francisco tech here in Boston? It’s your lucky day: Allset, a restaurant dining app based in SF, is now available in the Hub.

Through its iOS and Android app, Allset aims to make the dine-in experience more efficient and, therefore, more convenient for people who just want to grab a quick bite. The venture lets diners book a table, order their food and pay for their meal before they even reach the restaurant. When they arrive, everything will be ready for them, and they can enjoy their meals with no downtime.

According to the startup, people can get in and out of a restaurant in 30 minutes. As a result, they don’t have to settle for eating the infamous “sad desk lunch” or resorting to fast food for the sake of saving time.

“What we are trying to do is revive the glory days of lunch at restaurants,” Stas Matviyenko, CEO of Allset, said in a statement. “There are table booking and takeout services that also bring people to restaurants, but nobody is doing what we're doing. No one is trying to reclaim the restaurant lunch break and make lives of people healthier and more productive. We want to inspire people to go beyond the usual and experience something new and exciting.”

With Allset’s Boston expansion, it’s launched its services at 30 local restaurants, including:

Fuji at Ink Block
Rabias Seafood & Oyster Bar
Avana Sushi 2
Desi Dhaba
Double Chin
Flame Hot Pot and Sushi
Kashmir Indian Restaurant
Midwest Grill Brazilian BBQ
Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room
Piadina Cafe & Coffee Bar
Rocco’s Cucina & Bar
Shawarma Falafel
Shun’s Kitchen
Sixth Gear - Cask & Kitchen
The Living Room
Vanderbilt Kitchen & Bar

There are more restaurants jumping on the Allset bandwagon throughout this week, like JP Fuji Group's restaurants (Fuji at WoC, B Café, Shabu Restaurant, Bistro Chi, Kama Lounge, Fuji at Kendall, Shabu & Mein, YoChá, Fuji at Assembly).

As of now, Allset solely deals with lunches, but is starting to test out breakfasts, dinners and brunches. Its services are free for diners orchestrating a quick and easy lunch. The startup charges participating restaurants a fee for each order submitted through Allset.

In addition to San Francisco, Allset has been operating in Palo Alto, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Chicago. Next, the startup, which has raised a total of $3.35 million in seed funding, plans to be in 14 markets by the end of 2017. Other places on its expansion docket include Austin, Seattle, Philadelphia, San Diego and Los Angeles.

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