Threatening Message Discovered at Everett High School

Classes were being held at Everett High School as usual on Friday, with an increase in security

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Everett High School is on alert after a message threatening gun violence was discovered in a bathroom on Thursday.

Superintendent Priya Tahiliani wrote in a message to parents that the Everett Police Department found no evidence to support cancelling classes on Friday. However, the school will have an increase in security personnel and safety measures under the guidance of the police department, Tahiliani wrote.

"This would be troubling under any circumstances, but it is particularly upsetting in light of what happened earlier this week in Uvalde, Texas," Tahiliani said.

Tahiliani said the school is working with the police department to conduct an investigation into the incident, including a review of video footage and questioning individuals who may have been involved.

Anyone with information surrounding the incident is asked to contact Everett High Principal Erick Naumann or the Everett Police Department as soon as possible.

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