2 Buildings Demolished Following Destructive Tornado in Webster, Mass.

Crews had no choice but to knock down two buildings in Webster, Massachusetts following a destructive tornado that caused significant damage Saturday.

Two structures on Main Street were demolished after officials determined they were unsafe. The buildings were so badly damaged that crews feared they would fall at any second. Crews are evaluating other structures for safety.

"It looked like a war zone," Louis Perrin, one of the building’s owner, said.

Perrin planned to open a real estate agency in the second building that was demolished but now has to find another area to carry out his ambitions.

"There’s no building," he said. "The roof on the other building is completely off. All the brick is on top of my building."

Down the road on Pleasant Street, the tornado caused a tree to topple over and it snapped a utility pole in half.

"We were just sitting there, praying," Dominique Ingram, who leaves near the toppled tree, said. "That's all you can do, is hope for the best."

As many as 50 people were displaced following the devastating storm.

"We have the American Red Cross at our police station right now doing assessments with some people," Webster Fire Chief Brian Hickey said. "We've opened up our senior center for a brief time."

Despite the frightening experience, residents say they are grateful to be alive.

"Like my mom said, we’re alive and you can always replace things," Ingram said.

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