3 Teens Arrested in Boston Jewelry Store Robbery, Assault

Boston police officers have arrested three teens for assault and robbery of a downtown Boston jewelry store.

Police arrived on scene and were directed to a group that matched the description of suspects who allegedly robbed and assaulted a jewelry store employee. The group fled when they saw the officers, but were caught in the area.

Officers spoke with the victim, who claimed that the group rang the shop's bell repeatedly. The victim asked the group to leave several times. When they refused to leave, the victim opened the door and they reportedly taunted her and threatened to assault her.

In the victim’s statement to officers, she said she defended herself by pushing the group away. As the victim defended herself, one of the suspects began punching and kicking the victim as the group cheered her on. The fight moved inside of the shop, which is when one of the suspects ripped the victim’s gold necklace off her before running away.

Police arrested two 14-year-old girls and one 15-year-old boy. All three suspects are expected to be arraigned in the Juvenile Division of Boston Municipal Court on assault and battery charges on a victim over the age of 60 and unarmed robbery. An additional three suspects were identified and released from the scene.

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