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Three More White Sharks Tagged Off Cape Cod

Total of 17 white sharks tagged this summer

Shark researchers on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, were busy Monday, tagging three more white sharks within just a few hours.

The first white shark tagged was 15 feet long, and was located off of Truro.

Two more were tagged later in the day off of Nauset Beach. One shark was 11 feet, and the other was 12 feet.

This brings the total number of white sharks tagged off of Cape Cod this summer to 17, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

The tags do not transmit the location of sharks in real time. Instead, researchers need to manually check sensors located off the coast to figure out of any of the tagged sharks have passed by.

Actual shark sightings, either from the beach, boats, or planes, are reported in real-time, however. Those reports come out through the Conservancy's Sharktivity App.

Right now that app is only configured for use on Apple devices, but the Conservancy says it will be made available to Android devices in October.

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