School Evacuated After 3 Students Faint Discussing Blood in Biology Class

Three students at Greater Lowell Technical School in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts are going to be just fine after fainting during a discussion about blood in biology class.

The Tyngsborough police and fire departments declared "all clear" at the school on Pawtucket Avenue in Tyngsborugh after responding to a call at 9:11 a.m. on Friday.

An investigation has determined that students were talking about their fears of blood when one fainted and two more followed suit in what's being described as a "psychosomatic or stress-induced event." The school was evacuated as a precautionary measure.

A larger emergency response was initially requested but later deemed unneccesary.

Students were studying genetics in the biology class, leading to the topic of blood and blood types. On his way to get a drink of water, one male student fainted, followed by two more students - one male and one female.

EMTs evaluated all three students, all of whom remained conscious. The female student and one of the male students were transported via ambulance to a local hospital, but all three students are believed to be injury-free.

Tyngsborough and Lowell fire crews tested the air quality in the classroom where the faintings occurred, as well as other areas nearby. No dangers or causes for concern were found, and classes resumed shortly thereafter.

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