FIRST ALERT: Scattered Thunderstorms Possible Amid Heat Wave

Deep summer heat has returned to New England and is boosting temperatures into the 90s again Monday and Tuesday, after exceeding 90 in many Southern and Central New England communities on Sunday.

These three consecutive days of 90-degree temperatures will mark another heat wave, though this time the heat is less extreme – and less dangerous – than it was a couple of weeks ago. Our last dose of significant heat and humidity saw temperatures nearing the century mark and dew point temperatures (the measure of the amount of moisture in the air) in the sultry 70s, combining for heat index values of around 110 degrees.

This time around, actual temperatures reach 90 to 95 degrees and humidity is significant, but not as extreme. This holds heat index values to between 95 and 100 degrees, which is a big difference on impact to the body.

The slightly lower humidity than our last round will also help overnight low temperatures cool enough to afford some relief on the body for those without air conditioning, making the multi-day toll more bearable. Nonetheless, hydration, avoiding overexertion and dressing in lightweight, light-colored clothing are all important points.

As for thunderstorms, the last few days have seen late day and evening storms that have been isolated but strong. Our Monday afternoon is not likely to be an exception to that rule, with the highest chance of rain southwest and west of Boston between 4 and 8 p.m. Monday.

Tuesday’s chance of storms is quite low, even though heat will be a bit stronger with heat index values near 100 degrees. Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms ahead of and along a cold front Wednesday, marking a break in the heat that will usher in some lovely summer air for the end of this week into the weekend in our exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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