Time To Dry Out


I wore black today out of respect for my forecast - which died before the sun came up.

What was expected to be a swift warm-up overnight sputtered and stalled predawn. We muddled through the clouds and mist through much of the day...until the cool front came to mix things up and bring in the warmth.

I know it sounds counterintuitive (and it is). Cool fronts bring in cool air, right? Right. But there was warm air above us (around 1-2k ft.) all day long, and as the cool front moves through, it mixes the air, allowing the warmth to sweep in from above.

The coming two days will bring in the cooler air. Temps at night settle back to the 40s (no frost expected), with afternoon highs near where we should be for this time of year (low 60s). But the pattern is active, and the next storm system is plotting a course for New England.

Showers Friday morning will turn to a heavier rain by afternoon. Wind will turn in from the southeast and gust over 20 mph at times. It's a soaking end to a semi-soggy week. At least an inch of rain is expected. Some of the showers may even carry over to early Saturday before we get a break during the second half of the weekend.

Not the best start to the "Solar Summer" - May/June/July, the three months that comprise the longest days of the year - but better now than in June or July.

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