‘He Knows How Much I Love Him': Tom Brady Addresses ‘Bromance' With Julian Edelman

'Obviously I can’t say enough good things about Jules'

The New England Patriots held their last practice at home Saturday before they get ready to head to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.

Following the team's final practice in the bubble behind Gillette Stadium, quarterback Tom Brady spoke to the media where he was asked about his relationship with Julian Edelman.

A reporter told Brady that Jason McCourty described the quarterback's relationship with the wide receiver as a "bromance" and said the two have a nonverbal communication.

"Yeah, we have a great relationship, Jules [Julian Edelman] and I, and I trust him so much. We’ve put in so many hours together in the meeting room, in the film room. I think obviously he and I go back a long way," Brady said. "He’s always been kind of like my little brother, in a good way. I don’t have a little brother but he’s kind of like a little brother and he knows how much I love him."

Brady went on to praise Edelman for his on field accomplishments.

"What he’s done with his career has been incredible and he’s so impressive as a player, as a leader – to go from playing quarterback in college to receiver in the pros and then to become really a dominant receiver in the pros, I think speaks to his work ethic. I’m so happy in everything that he achieves and obviously I can’t say enough good things about Jules."

When it was brought up during the press conference that there are only two receivers in NFL postseason history with over 100 catches—Jerry Rice and Edelman—the quarterback continued to heap praise on No. 11.

"Yeah, it’s really beyond incredible for Jules to do that. When you talk about Jerry Rice, that’s a guy that’s set every receiving record in the history of the NFL basically. For Jules to be right there as one of two guys including him, again it’s just such a credit to Jules," Brady said. "Look at his stature. He wasn’t built like Megatron [Calvin Johnson]. He’s just built the way he was built and I think he’s just worked so hard over the years to learn how to play receiver. I think his quarterback background’s probably helped him in terms of knowing where to be, knowing how to get open and knowing when the quarterback wants to get rid of the ball. He’s just done an incredible job."

The Patriots QB was full of compliments Saturday, not just for Edelman, but for Rex Burkhead, Brian Hoyer, and the entire team.

Brady said the team has done "such a great job" and he is "so proud of the guys" for making the commitment to do whatever it takes to win.

Before the Patriots leave for Atlanta, they will hold a send-off rally Sunday morning at Gillette Stadium.

The event starts at 10 a.m. and includes performances from Blue Man Group and Patriots cheerleaders.

Head coach Bill Belichick and team captains are expected to address the crowd before team buses head to T.F. Green Airport in Providence.

Gillette Stadium gates will open at 8 a.m. for fans who want to attend the free event.

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