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Tom Brady's Daughter Almost Hit by Can During Patriots Super Bowl Parade

Police said the incident did not lead to an arrest

What to Know

  • The New England Patriots' championship celebration was held Tuesday in downtown Boston.
  • Patriots players and executives cruised down Boylston, Tremont and Cambridge streets in style on duck boats.
  • Huge delays were reported on the MBTA and the commuter rail due to the large crowds heading into and then out of the city.

Despite a stern warning from the mayor not to throw anything at the duck boats, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's daughter was almost struck by a can at Tuesday's Super Bowl championship parade.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had urged fans Monday not to throw beer at the duck boats.

His warning came after someone threw beer cans that hit both Red Sox manager Alex Cora and the World Series trophy during the team's victory parade three months ago.

But at least one fan clearly ignored that warning Tuesday, as what appeared to be a can was captured on video being thrown at Brady's duck boat, narrowly missing his daughter Vivian and backup quarterback Brian Hoyer's son before Brady caught it.

Boston police said the incident did not lead to an arrest, but they did make some others at Tuesday's parade.

They said they received no reports of anyone throwing a can at the duck boat carrying Brady and will only investigate if someone on the boat files a complaint.

Overall, though, police said it was a smooth day, though the road closures and rowdy crowds did keep them busy.

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