Town of Milford Votes to Ban Sale of Recreational Marijuana

The town of Milford, Massachusetts, voted to ban the sale of recreational marijuana on Tuesday.

More than fifty-six percent of voters said yes to ban marijuana shops as well as grow and testing facilities.

"I just don't want it in Milford," said resident Scott Harrison. "I have two teenage kids both in the schools. I'm also a member of the school committee."

Harrison said his concern is with edibles.

"They look like candy. Very difficult to tell the difference," Harrison said.

Back in November, Milford voted 51 percent in favor of recreational pot at the state level. Residents voting not to ban it said it's a jobs issue since two companies have already opened. They also point to a board of selectmen changing the wording on the ballot.

"That happened over the summer with little debate, with little discussion and we just feel that the entire process has lacked transparency," said Bryan Cole, Milford Citizens for Fairness.

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