Tractor-Trailer Crashes Into Braintree House

No one was home at the time of the crash, neighbors say

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A tractor-trailer crashed into a house in Braintree, Massachusetts, on Saturday evening.

Neighbors tell NBC10 Boston that no one was at the River Street home when the crash happened around 5 p.m., but they were nearby and heard it all.

“You just heard a God awful sound, and you knew it wasn’t good," neighbor Glenn Fillmore said.

He and his son Zach ran outside and found the truck gone into their neighbor's house, blowing out a wall and taking out a window frame.

“You don’t see this often — you usually see it in the news," Fillmore said.

They also said they found two dogs in the cabin of the truck before a driver came over to make sure they were okay. It's still unclear whether that driver they saw was ever inside of the truck, or if the semi somehow started moving on its own.

There are large tire tracks up the road, across the street from East Middle School, that show the truck's apparent path.

Eyewitnesses told NBC10 Boston they saw it leaking some kind of fluid just before the crash.

The trucking company, Commonwealth Construction & Utilities in Watertown, had no comment.  

The crash remains under investigation.

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