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Travelers Escaping Cold Snap at Logan Airport

Temperatures in New England will be dangerously cold over the next few days and at Logan Airport Tuesday, travelers were booking it out of Boston before the cold air creeps in.

John Dunn, of Somerville, Massachusetts, is flying to Brazil with his girlfriend and her brother.

"It’s definitely going to be a lot warmer," said Dunn.

A look at the forecast in Rio shows temperatures in the 80s, which is a far cry from the predicted teens and single digits in Boston.

The flight schedule at Logan looks like a menu of warm possibilities: Bermuda, Miami and Los Angeles, among others.

This is the middle of the holiday travel season period. AAA records the time from Dec. 23 through the New Year.

It’s predicted to be the busiest travel time with more than six million people expected to fly.

Tuesday provided a rare lull with short lines and only a few delays.

"I thought it was going to be quite a crowd today," said Kyle Burlamachi, who is flying to Montana. "It seems to be pretty tame which is a nice surprise."

Paul Muite from Nashua said the holiday traffic was so bad in Chicago, he barely made his flight. His luggage missed it and had to go on the next plane.

He left cold Chicago for an equally cold Boston.

"We are used to it in New England," said Muite. 

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