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Marc Fortier

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Accused of Making Unauthorized Recordings Suspended

A Massachusetts State Police trooper accused of making unauthorized video and audio recordings of traffic stops and arrests has been suspended.

State police spokesman David Procopio said an internal investigation has sustained multiple charges against Trooper Nicholas Holden for violations of departmental policies and rules. He said Holden has been suspended, but wouldn't say for how long or whether he was suspended with or without pay.

"The department has taken administrative action against Trooper Holden commensurate with the sustained offenses," Procopio said.

Holden had been placed on desk duty when the allegations originally surfaced earlier this year.

Authorities said Holden failed to turn most of the dash camera recordings in to prosecutors during court proceedings. The Worcester County District Attorney sent letters to more than 100 defendants notifying them of potential evidence issues.

State police have said that recording of traffic stops is not expressly prohibited in its regulations, but neither is it allowed. Installation of audio and video equipment not issued by the department is prohibited without authorization.

Holden was not immediately available for comment.

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