Tropical Storm Elsa

Tropical Storm Elsa Doesn't Stop Determined Tourists in Boston: ‘We're From New York'

Heavy rain and flash flood warnings didn't keep these New Yorkers from seeing what Boston has to offer

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The heavy rain, strong winds and flash floods brought by Tropical Storm Elsa Friday may have kept some people inside, but one family from New York wouldn’t let some storm rain on their parade -- or in this case, their walking tour. 

“We’re on a road trip because it's been a while since we could travel,” said Emily Schmidt, in an interview outside Boston Common.

With COVID-19 restrictions eased, Schmidt and her family decided to do a road trip around the Northeast. “Now there’s a hurricane. We’re enjoying ourselves,” she said.

She said the group was determined to do just that. They were planning to experience Boston history with a walk along the Freedom Trail, no matter the weather.

“Bring it on, we’re from New York,” she said.

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