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Truck Crashes Through House, Misses Sleeping Woman by Inches

"Thank God I have my guardian angels watching over me," said Tracy Samuels, the woman on the couch

A Massachusetts woman napping on a couch was awoken by a pickup truck that crashed into her house and just missed hitting her by inches on Thursday, according to Templeton police.

"Thank God I have my guardian angels watching over me," said Tracy Samuels, the woman on the couch.

At approximately 11:22 a.m., police received multiple 911 calls reporting a vehicle collision into a house at 315 State Rd. An investigation determined a pickup truck driven by Simon Quero-Luna of Gardner, Massachusetts, veered off the road and collided with the house, according to police.

"I got up and I went, 'Oh my God, what in the world is going on?'" Samuels said. "I turned and I looked and I went 'why is there a pickup truck in my living room?'"

The truck traveled through the entire length of the house and collided with a parked vehicle in the driveway on the opposite side of the house before the truck came to a stop.

Samuels said Quero-Luna got out of the truck and started running around.

"He turned around and he saw me and went, 'Oh my God, are you OK?' and I said, 'Yeah, I'm fine, are you OK?” she recounted.

Miraculously, nobody was injured, but the house sustained major structural damage and was condemned by the Templeton building inspector.

“Life throws you a curveball. Throws you a lemon. Do what you need to do. Try to keep an upbeat attitude," Samuels said. "And as for Christmas? It’s a day. It’s a day you spend with your friends and family. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

The incident is being investigated by Templeton police.

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