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Truck Involved in Fatal Hit-and-Run Located in Everett, Sources Say

The victim was discovered early Friday in the middle of a Charlestown road

The pickup truck believed to have been involved in a fatal hit-and-run Thursday has been discovered in Everett, two sources told the NBC10 Boston Investigators. 

The truck, which was described as a white Ford F-150 pickup with plywood fencing, was located at Warren and Waverly streets on Saturday, sources said.

"Three weeks ago I see it right there, parked right there. And then a couple of days ago I don't know Monday or Sunday. I saw it parked right there and today I see it right there," neighbor Horacio Aguilar said.

"I'm fairly certain that's definitely the truck. They were taking pictures of the front driver's side, probably looking for evidence."

The pickup had the name of a landscaping business. NBC10 Boston called the company, and the owner told us he sold the truck about six months ago.

"I mean it's sad, and it's a little scary to think somebody just feels like they can just drop a car off like that after they just essentially hit and killed or hurt somebody," neighbor Cristi Ralleo said.

The search for the vehicle began after a man's body was found near the median in the area of 99 Alford Street in Charlestown shortly after midnight Friday. The grisly discovery was made near Encore Boston Harbor.

Richard Brandano, of Everett, lives down the road from the crash scene and says the new Encore Boston has added to the traffic concerns in the area.

"I mean, they go 50 miles an hour down this street. There are kids crossing at the cross sign and you can't see the crosswalk no more," Brandano said.

Another resident echoed the sentiment that traffic has increased since the casino has opened.

"They're trying to walk back to Sullivan or they're trying to walk back to Charlestown," said a man who did not give his name. "They've never done this before and there's a learning curve and I think that's what we are seeing now."

Authorities have not revealed the identity of the body.

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact Boston Police Homicide Detectives at 617-343-4470.

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