Trump Supporters Caravan From Mass. to NH in Show of Support for President

Dozens of cars, SUVs, trucks and motorcycles, many of them decorated, gathered at the start of the caravan's route in Plymouth, Massachusetts

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Trump supporters took to the roads of Massachusetts and New Hampshire on Saturday in what they were calling a caravan in support of the president's reelection.

Dozens of cars, SUVs, trucks and motorcycles gathered at the start of the caravan's route in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Many of the vehicles were decked out with flags and signs supporting President Donald Trump.

“We’re all here because we love our president and he’s the greatest guy we’ve ever had,” said one attendee wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, a Trump supporter and event organizer, said there were about 200 vehicles before the group reached Braintree. When they reached Lexington, there were about 400 cars.

Prizes were going to be awarded to supporters with the best-decorated vehicles, according to Hodgson.

The route was slated to travel around Boston on I-495 before heading up I-93 to Londonderry, New Hampshire, where they finished around 1 p.m.

Supporters varied in age and race, but their support in reelecting the president was in full alignment, as was their well wishes for the president and first lady following their positive test results for COVID-19.

“We put politics aside at this time. We do what Americans do best. We come together and we pray,” said a woman wearing a Trump 2020 mask.

Trump supporters have organized other caravans around the country, along with boat parades. A boat parade was held in Newburyport last month.

Organizers of Saturday's caravan said they aimed to make it the largest in the country, though it wasn't clear if they'd achieved that goal.

The event comes as the president is in the nation's top military hospital receiving remdesivir after being diagnosed with coronavirus, his exact condition unclear amid conflicting responses from his doctors and administration officials speaking anonymously.

On Saturday, Trump's re-election campaign launched “Operation MAGA” to keep the campaign at full speed until Trump can return to the campaign trail himself.

“Operation MAGA will fire up the entire MAGA universe to keep President Trump’s campaign at full speed until our Commander-in-Chief returns to the campaign trail,” said Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien. “Vice President Mike Pence, the First Family, our coalitions, and our grassroots supporters will be out in full force to show the real enthusiasm behind the President’s re-election and to show we’re working as hard as he always does."

Stepien said they also encourage all of the president’s supporters "to pick up the banner themselves by volunteering in our grassroots Army for Trump, flying their Trump flags, putting out more yard signs, and wearing their MAGA gear proudly.”

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