Tufts University Students Uneasy After 2 Assaults

Tufts University is preparing for graduation Sunday, but there are growing concerns on campus following two similar assaults within a week.

"We got an email from university police last night that around 8:20, there was someone who grabbed someone from behind, and that's the second time that's happened," senior Anna Mason said Wednesday.

Campus police said a student was walking on Adams Street and she reported a man grabbed her around the waist from behind, but she was able to break free and run off.

"It's definitely kind of shocking because we live close by," said Nikita Rao, a senior.

Last week, another woman on Frederick Avenue, which is on the other side of campus, reported a similar assault. The student told police a man came up from behind and grabbed her into a bear hug until she was able to get away and call police.

"It's definitely very concerning, especially in a university context. I think a lot of people don't have their guard up when they walk around here. We tend to feel very safe around here," said Matthew Johnson, a senior.

Medford Police say they're now trying to figure out if these two similar attacks are connected. They're canvasing the off-campus neighborhood and re-interviewing the victims in hopes of getting more details. And while they work, there's a growing awareness on campus for these seniors, who say they were just looking forward to the last carefree days before graduation.

"Everyone is looking to say goodbye to their friends for the last time. People are going around to each other's houses, and so definitely, it's not a convenient time for it to happen," said Johnson.

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