Turkey Caught on Camera Attacking Couple, Dog Outside Dedham Home

Lydia and Zach McMahon and their dog, Louie, had an encounter with a turkey, outside their home in Dedham, Massachusetts

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It was a "fowl" end to a walk around the block when a turkey attacked a family on the front lawn of their home in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Lydia and Zach McMahon had just arrived at their house after taking their mini Bernedoodle, Louie, for a walk.

"Went to discard his dog poop in our trash cans, and when I was over here, saw about six or seven baby turkeys," said Lydia McMahon, who figured the mom must be somewhere close. "I started to quickly walk this way, and then right as I was about to go in my door, I did see half of mama sticking out right there."

She was just about to walk inside.

"That's when I looked back and I saw the turkey come out of this bush, and that's when I saw my husband and dog getting attacked," she said.

What do you do when a turkey ends up in your house?

The turkey and Louie started going after each other.

"Louie's not afraid of anybody," said Zach McMahon. "He's like the mayor, has to meet every creature that he sees."

And the chase was on.

"Either me or the dog's gonna have a broken leg here," Zach recalled thinking.

Louie and the turkey got into it all the way through the backyard, through the bushes and all the way to busy Dedham Boulevard, where thankfully, Louie stopped at the side of the road.

Lydia McMahon figures the turkey was just trying to protect her babies — she can sympathize, as she's nine months pregnant.

"Something I can relate to, so I respect the move, but it was still scary for us," she said.

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