Turkey Trouble: Mass. Woman Shares Shocking Discovery

Lisa Spencer noticed her garage door and the door into her house were both open -- then she walked inside to see a very large turkey

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A woman living in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, recently came home to a shocking surprise.

Lisa Spencer says she was floored when she made the discovery -- and that was just the beginning.

First, Spencer says she noticed her garage door and the door into her house were both open -- then she walked in to see a very large turkey inside.

"And it's the kind of moment in your life when everything just slows down, you're just in slow motion, and you're like, there's a turkey on my window sill," she recalled of the encounter.

So, what do you do when there's a turkey in your house?

"Tried to have a conversation, I let him know that if he didn't leave, he was probably going to be dinner," she joked. "I'm just kidding, I would never hurt him."

Spencer says she called animal control. When they couldn't help, she found a company that promised to "encourage" the bird to leave for $450. She decided against that.

"So I was lucky, and I watched him waddle towards the door, I had left it open, and I swear to god, I didn't even wait for him to get out the door, I just like slammed the door shut," she said.

The bird and the homeowner were both unscathed in the incident -- but Spencer's house was not...

"Well, the poor thing was scared at some points so he was flying around and he was dropping presents all over the floor," she said, "and at one point he flew into the big window, and he cracked the window."

All in all, Spencer is left with an incredible tale.

"This is absolutely the craziest," she said of what happened.

Spencer says when she told her daughter the story, her daughter said it beats the time a squirrel got into the house.

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