Two-Level Wegmans Store Opening Sunday at the Natick Mall

Wegmans’ grand opening is 7 a.m. Sunday, April 29

From the Market Café organic salad bar made fresh in front of you to the pizza shop that cooks personalized pan pizzas over lava rocks from Mt. Vesuvius in just minutes – it’s clear as soon as you step foot inside, this is not your average grocery store.

Natick Store Manager Rich Boscia said, “It’s definitely different, it’s definitely special and we think we’ve found a perfect fit right here in the Natick community.”

Believe it or not, this nearly 150,000 square foot Wegmans store spans two floors inside the Natick Mall.

In includes a full-service Mexican restaurant and tequila bar, a kid-friendly burger bar, and a hand-brewed coffee shop that transitions midday into a bar and lounge.

Wegmans Vice President of Media Relations Jo Natale said, “You can run a whole host of other errands in the mall at the same time, so I think it is really the ultimate in convenience and one stop shopping.”

In addition to traditional groceries, you’ll find live lobsters, a cheese shop and Mediterranean bar, a bakery with made-to-order treats, and a large selection of liquor, beer and wine -- including more than 800 domestic, imported and craft beers, as well as a wine tasting room.

Boscia said, “We’ve got a lot of things we’re offering in this store that you can’t get anywhere else.”

And a fun feature for getting your groceries from one floor to another is this shopping cart conveyor belt that carries your carriage while you ride the escalator.

Natale said, “It’s really a beautiful store with all of the things you’d expect to find in a new Wegmans store, but designed a little differently than we’ve ever done before.”

Wegmans’ grand opening is 7 a.m. Sunday, April 29.

Blue Dalia, the Mexican restaurant and tequila bar, opens next Friday, May 4.

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