Two Systems Will Merge Together, Cause Wet Weather in New England

What to Know

  • TODAY: A beautiful day to be outdoors,
  • TOMORROW: Rain will begin to develop Saturday night.
  • LOOKING AHEAD: A system moving in from the south and another moving in from the Pacific Ocean may merge and deliver more wet weather.

High pressure in the Gulf of Maine gives us a nice Friday, although there is a bit of a breeze off of the ocean. Highs are in the 70s at the shore and 80s inland. It's a bit warmer and more humid.

Our weekend features a complex sequence of weather events. That front that broke the heat on Tuesday will return from the south as a warm front. Also, an upper-level low which came in from the Pacific Ocean more than a week ago is just now getting close enough that clouds and rain will approach from the west.

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So we have two systems that will merge over New England by Sunday, and may continue to bring wet weather for much of next week.

Tomorrow should feature plenty of sunshine, the low clouds and fog may move in off the ocean near the seashore. High temperatures will be in the 80s inland and the coast will be in the 70s with increasing humidity.

Low pressure likely developing on the front to our south may intensify into a gale force storm along the shore Sunday.

There's even a chance that the National Hurricane Center may give it a name. Either way, it looks windy and wet for a lot of New England Sunday.

Wind from the south may gust past 45 mph from Narragansett Bay to Cape Cod and the islands, northward to Cape Ann and to the New Hampshire and Maine coast.

Rainfall may become heavy at times, but it's tropical downpours in nature, meaning it will not be pouring every minute. But when it rains it really comes down, with the possibility of flash flooding.

Whatever low-pressure system does develop and move north on Sunday, it will weaken. It will leave a stalled front over New England with a chance of showers and downpours just about every day next week. That upper level low in the Midwest is stalled, and it's just a feed of tropical moisture from Florida to New England. Very humid with a high temperature in the 80s, at times it is sunny and other times it's raining quite hard for most of next week.

Additional flash flooding is possible, especially in Western New England. Eastern New England may stay relatively dry.

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