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Uber Wants to Use Artificial Intelligence to Tell if Passengers Are Drunk

Uber has recently filed a patent for an artificial intelligence system that can sense if a passenger is drunk.

By using the system — which could also decline rides to people who are too sloppy — Uber hopes that it will make for a better experience for other passengers who use the app.

The AI system will be able to track irregular or unusual typing patterns and thus make a decision on whether to accept or decline that passenger.

Some customers took to social media to deride the news, saying they rely on Uber to get them home safely after they’ve had a few drinks.

“I exclusively call Uber when I’m hammered. Guess I’ll just rollerblade home,” one person tweeted.

Uber released a statement saying it is "always exploring ways that our technology can help improve the Uber experience for riders and drivers." But there are no immediate plans to implement the technology described in the patent application.

The company wouldn't say how or when the technology might be used.

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