‘Unacceptable': Neighbors Complain for Years About State of Framingham Home

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People in Framingham, Massachusetts, say they have complained about the state of a home for two years, and health officials are now watching the property.

The home on Gleason Street is the talk of the neighborhood. Neighbors have made complaints about it since 2019, saying rodents, trash and homemade toilets had been seen in the backyard, where people are living in tents.

"It was a beautiful neighborhood," said Angus MacDonald, who lives next door. "Never a problem. Ever. Nothing like this."

It looks like a lot of garbage has been removed, and there's no sign of a makeshift outhouse. The city has been trying to get the place cleaned up. For some, it hasn't been quick enough.

"It's kind of unacceptable," said mayoral candidate Carlos Valadares. "This a nice neighborhood."

The acting health director said in a statement the city is working "to resolve any sanitary or health code violations … and will continue to inspect the property to assess progress."

The owner declined comment and asked NBC10 Boston to leave the people at the house alone. Neighbors say the previous owner sold the property about five years ago.

"If he ever saw the place now, he would roll over in his grave, because he used to keep it immaculate," MacDonald said. "Like a golf course."

Framingham health officials say they have offered to connect people who live at the house with any services they might need.

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