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Unseasonably Mild Weather Following Rainy, Windy Morning

Cold temperatures return on Wednesday

What to Know

  • Scattered showers will taper off as the first morning of 2019 progresses.
  • Some areas may see high wind gusts, particularly in higher elevations.
  • Temperatures will be around 50 degrees by this afternoon, but cold weather returns Wednesday.

Happy 2019! We begin the new year soggy, windy & mild!

The scattered showers taper off as the morning progresses. Areas of fog could be dense, but the wind will pick up and will help to disperse the fog. High temperatures will be around 50 this afternoon. The wind gusts could become damaging from the west between 50 and 60 mph. The wind remains strong through early evening. Isolated power outages are also a concern with the high wind. Temperatures start to fall in the afternoon and evening as the wind changes from the west, then from the northwest. Overnight lows bottom out in the teens to low 20s.

Drier and colder air will move in for Wednesday as highs will be back to reality, low 30s. Our next round of precipitation will be on Thursday. A wintry mix and snow will be likely across higher elevations, while it looks like a rain event for southern New England. The 10-day forecast will be mild through the weekend, then perhaps turning colder by next week.


In-depth news coverage of the Greater Boston Area.

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Forecast models are not in agreement with the rain/snow chances past Friday, so stay tuned!

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