Upcoming Showers to Interrupt Otherwise Pleasant Weekend

Although the weekend will overall be lovely for most New England, there will be some noteworthy exceptions.

Friday certainly is getting us started out on the right foot: dry air has arrived, sweeping humidity to our south and bringing out plenty of sun that will boost temperatures into the 80s. Without much humidity, that will feel fantastic.

A strong, energetic disturbance is approaching New England from Canada and will be close enough to spark some scattered showers and thunderstorms Friday afternoon in the far North Country, where one or two storms may have gusty winds.

Expect clear skies for most overnight Friday night with evening temperatures in the 70s and lower 80s falling to the 50s for many, owing to the dry and cool nature of the air.

Don’t forget to look skyward Friday night! The Perseid Meteor Shower is a perennial favorite and technically peaks Sunday, Monday and Tuesday predawn. However, you’ll still be able to catch some “shooting stars” in the Friday night sky.

Saturday, the approaching disturbance aloft moves directly overhead, and this will mean rapid development of clouds and showers in Northern New England Saturday morning. It will expand in areal coverage and intensity as the day wears on and holding temperatures shy of 70 for some in the North.

Meanwhile, Central and Southern New England starts with sun before clouds billow and eventually, some scattered showers and sprinkles meander south. They should only remain scattered at worst amidst an active breeze.

The transient disturbance marches east by Sunday, leaving sunshine and a gorgeous day in its wake for the second half of the weekend with breezy and pleasant air that will warm well into the 80s Monday before a chance of midweek rain. The early call on next weekend, yet again in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast, is looking good!

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