coronavirus in massachusetts

Vaccination Program for Homebound Residents Begins Monday in Mass.

Residents unable to leave their homes for medical or other reasons will be able to become vaccinated beginning Monday in Massachusetts

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Coronavirus vaccines for Massachusetts residents unable to leave their homes will become available as part of a program set to launch Monday.

The statewide initiative will support in-home vaccinations for some 25,000 residents unable to leave their homes due to medical conditions or other circumstances and can't make it to one of the state's vaccination sites.

The program will utilize the one-shot vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.

About 170 cities and towns in the Bay State will have local boards of health administer the vaccine, while the remaining communities will be assisted by a statewide service operated by the Commonwealth Care Alliance.

One woman, Amy, said she was finally able to get a vaccine appointment for her 90-year-old grandfather thanks to the service.

“The whole point of the rollout is to do the elderly and the most people vulnerable first, but we’ve left behind a lot of the people,” she said.

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