4 Displaced When Van Crashes Into Home in Malden, Massachusetts

The accident occurred on Monday morning

Two people were hurt and four displaced afte a van crashed into a home Monday morning in Malden, Massachusetts.

According to Malden Police, the accident occurred in the 1200 block of Salem Street.

Still shaken up but otherwise unharmed, Joe Chapman said the van that crashed into his home came within inches of hitting him.

“I saw this white van in my living room, I’m dumbfounded,” Chapman recalled. “I’m still a little frazzled, but I’m ok.”

Police said the driver lost control in the wet weather and skidded on the pavement, plowing into Chapman’s home which sits at the bottom of the hill.

Chapman said he was just about to walk out the front door when he heard the crash.

“I was going to step in the doorway when I heard this explosion. Door frame came flying into the refrigerator," Chapman said. “I wouldn’t be talking to you it was a split second. I had no time to think, no nothing.”

Chapman and the three other people inside the home were OK.

The driver and the passenger were taken to an area hospital to be checked out for injuries.

“I didn’t know what had happened, it is a mess. I wanted to make sure whoever was in the car was OK, he went through 10 inches of brick and 4 feet into the house, he had to be barreling down that hill,” said Chapman.

Malden city inspectors will have to decide when the four residents at the home will be able to move back in due to the structural damage.

Police said the driver will not likely receive a citation.

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