Vt. Gov. Phil Scott Backs Impeachment Inquiry

The Republican says it is critical for the American people to get a full grasp on the facts

The governor of Vermont Thursday became the nation’s first Republican chief executive to publicly back the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

Gov. Phil Scott said he would not prejudge what Congress should do from here, but called it critical for the nation to get the facts on what happened.

“These are serious allegations,” Scott said Thursday. “I think the inquiry’s important, yes.”

The moderate Republican, who’s often critical of the President, says it’s vital for the American people to know the facts behind allegations Trump might’ve withheld aid to Ukraine, pressuring its leader to get dirt on rival Joe Biden and Biden’s son.

The President insists he has done nothing wrong.

“It’s all a hoax, folks,” Trump said Wednesday, criticizing Democrats in Congress and the media. “It’s all a big hoax.”

Scott said Thursday that transparency could lead to more political stability. Scott has long said he is concerned about the toxic divisions in the country.

“I don’t see this divide getting smaller, I see it growing,” Scott said. “That’s alarming in itself, so that’s why I want this inquiry to be objective, be neutral, and not be based on political motivation based on the next election. Let’s just get the facts.”

Linda Fowler is a longtime Dartmouth College political scientist.

“It’s very hard to read public opinion right now,” Fowler told necn affiliate NBC 5 News. “I would remind people that the American system was built to withstand quick movements at a time of popular unrest or serious political divisions.”

Scott joins Vermont’s two U.S. Senators in supporting the inquiry.

The state’s one member of the U.S. House, Democrat Peter Welch, has called for impeachment, saying he believes the president has repeatedly violated the Constitution.

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