Vermont Towns Hit With More Than 3 Feet of Snow

Parts of Vermont’s Bennington and Windham Counties have bragging rights following the latest nor’easter, after they tallied the most snow of any place in New England.

Keith Sprague of Searsburg measured roughly three feet of snow at his property, though portions of his place had snow that was more than 40 inches deep. It piled up on roofs, buried vehicles, and challenged snowblowers.

Sprague was not complaining. He calls himself a true snow-lover.

"The more the merrier for me," Sprague said.

Dan Hescock of Searsburg said his small community often seems to get more snow than some other towns in southern Vermont.

Despite all the cleanup work that means, it’s a badge of honor to him.

"I wouldn’t move from here for the life of me," Hescock told NBC 10 Boston.

The residents’ good attitude may come from the fact southern Vermont's economy gets a big boost from the outdoor recreation sector.

"When the snow comes down, people are thinking of coming up and skiing," said Erik Barnes, the vice president and general manager of Mount Snow.

Barnes said the West Dover resort just got more snow in a single day than it has in at least a decade, starting operations Thursday with 30 inches of fresh powder—and more was still falling.

"This is a godsend," Barnes said, referring to the fact Mount Snow and other resorts experienced significant melting of snow in recent mild weather. “We had some good spring skiing the last couple weeks, and it was getting extremely thin. This is going to help extend our season right into the middle of April.”

Even after all the new snow, more may still be on the way. NBC 10 Boston’s team of meteorologists is tracking the potential for additional snow early next week.

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