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‘Very Confusing': Wood Chipper Crashes Into Living Room in Mendon

Striking photos show a wood chipper in the middle of a living room in Mendon, Massachusetts.

"Very confusing at the time," said Malcolm Clifton, who lives in the home. "I'm wondering where it came from."

Miraculously, Clifton and his wife were in another room when the wood chipper came crashing through Tuesday afternoon. They had been in their living room minutes earlier.

"I was tending to my wife. She's confined to a wheelchair, she doesn't walk, I was tending to her when this monster came through my living room," said the 88-year-old.

Clifton went to check out the racket.

"She's saying to me, 'What is that noise?'" he recalled. "I'm telling her, 'You're not going to believe this, but there's a huge machine that just came into our living room.'"

Mendon Police say the wood chipper had come loose from a landscaping company on busy Providence Street, taking out a utility pole and then plowing through the front of the Cliftons' home.

"This is a very busy street," Clifton said. "Often, we've thought about whether something would come through the house."

They never imagined it would be a wood chipper.

Clifton says he's just thankful he and his wife weren't hurt.

The landscaping company declined to comment about the accident.

Police have not said if the driver or the company could face any charges.

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