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Veterans Crying Foul Over Patriots Flag in Foxboro

A Patriots flag the town of Foxboro, Massachusetts, flies around home games has some veterans upset, calling the sign of team spirit a sign of disrespect due to its placement.

The flag is new this year and flies just under the American flag on the Town Common. Some argue the Patriots pride is getting in the way of patriotism, and they took their complaints to a town meeting this week.

"The only flag that should be up there is the U.S. flag," Jim McGeary said. "It commemorates all of the wars and all of those who lost their lives in the wars we fought in."

Those who are not a fan of the flag say it has nothing to do with the Patriots, and everything to do with flying a flag for a franchise or businesses right below the flag for the country.

Town Manager William Keegan said they are not violating anything, but offending was never their goal.

"It’s strictly an opportunity for the town to provide its level of support and to express its pride that we are the home of the Super Bowl Champions," Keegan said.

Some argue the controversy is in response to some NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. Opponents say team banners and flags belong on private property, and the home of the Patriots should never overshadow the home of the brave.

There are no plans to stop flying the flag, but the town manager says they will look into addressing the issue if they receive more complaints.

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