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Veteran’s Plaque Vandalized

During Memorial Day weekend, residents of a Massachusetts community are angry over a sign of disrespect after someone vandalized a plaque dedicated to a man killed in World War II.

The holiday weekend is all about showing patriotism. In Middleboro, flags were placed around town to honor the men and women of valor.

Resident Jacqueline Talbert stopped at the veteran's memorial to show her respect.

"People should feel proud and honor that those things happened, that men and women died for us," said Talbert. "Oh my God, I'm going to cry."

Throughout town, local veterans are shown appreciation with bridges, named after those who died while fighting for our country. On Plymouth Street, a bridge proudly honors Leo Forcier, a World War II sergeant who was killed in combat.

Earlier this week, locals realized this sign had something more than flags dawning it - bold, black graffiti covered Forcier's name.

"It's just terrible, terrible," said Bob Cavicchi. "How could somebody do such a thing like that?"

It is evident that Forcier is a hometown hero. His name is on a memorial on downtown Middleboro. But some residents are confused as to why his name was defaced on a bridge that also honors him.

"Probably some punk kid," said Talbert.

Middleboro Police are looking into the defacement. Residents say the graffiti showed up at a time where we should be honoring our veterans, not disrespecting their legacy.

"They were there for us," said Talbert. "If they weren't there for us, we wouldn't be here now."

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