Video Raises Questions About Crashes in Worcester, Massachusetts

Police in Worcester, Massachusetts, are investigating whether two crashes in the same intersection in less than 48 hours may have been staged.

Surveillance video posted to the blog shows two separate crashes at Kingsbury Street and Bancroft Street over the weekend.

The first crash occurred just after midnight Saturday. According to the accident report, a GMC SUV lost control on the snow and crashed into an Infiniti sedan parked on Bancroft Street.

Sunday, around 8:30 p.m., a similar crash occurred where a Jeep lost control on the same hill and hit a sedan parked in the same spot.

"It was similar the day before," said one witness, who didn't want to be identified. "It looked like a very real accident."

She said if you back that video up a few minutes, you see the two cars involved in Sunday's crash pull up behind one another.

"Before the accident, they were talking to each other before," she said.

Right before the crash, the occupants of the vehicles appear to talk to one another.

NBC Boston reached out to the drivers of the cars involved and even located one of the cars that had serious front end damage. But so far, none of them have commented on the police investigation into their accidents.

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