Viewers React to the New Mass. Turnpike Tolling System

Support for the new system was split among viewers

The Massachusetts Turnpike will roll out a new tolling system on Friday night and while the system aims to improve the traffic on the Pike, some do not believe the change was necessary.

Adam Jeffery posted on the necn Facebook page, "they couldn't just leave well enough alone?"

Jim Horan agreed and posted, "this has epic failure written all over it."

Many viewers were upset with the quick transition, forcing them to apply for EZ-passes quickly.

"Mass. failed the citizens in not giving enough time to get EZ pass transponders in only 2 places. There should have been dozens of venues available. Sorry F- for this failure project" posted Maria Catalano.

Lauren Jepsen Mace added, "I tried to go to AAA but the system was so overloaded with people trying to sign up that it didn't go through."

However, some believe the system will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Matt Harris posted, " New Hampshire has been doing this for years... Go thru the Hampton toll at 65 mph.. you will understand why we went thru this infrastructure change."

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