VOTE: What Are You Most Interested in?

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There's a lot going on in the Boston sports world.

As the Celtics enter an important stretch of their season, they have struggled to put together quality performances on a consistent basis. Unlike the Cs, the Bruins are moving full steam ahead as they enjoy an impressive point streak.

While it's the offseason for the Patriots, questions have surrounded the team, with many still wondering whether or not Rob Gronkowski will retire, if the team would consider resigning Danny Amendola, and if there could be a Bennett brothers reunion in Foxboro.

Lastly, as the Red Sox continue to get ready for the start of their season, they'll be without pitcher Steven Wright who was recently suspended for 80 games following a positive test for Human Growth Hormone. But fans do have the return of Dustin Pedroia to look forward to.

So, the NBC10Boston Sports Live pollsters want to know, "What are you most interested in?" Here's your chance to vote and be counted.

The results will be featured on NBC10 Boston Sports Live Sunday night immediately following the newscast.

What are you most interested in?
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