Walpole Couple Thanks Somerville Police, Fire for Delivering Baby Roadside

A couple from Walpole, Massachusetts, was driving to Mt. Auburn Hospital when they realized they weren't going to make it before their baby came

A baby was delivered on the side of the road in Somerville, Massachusetts, on the night of June 14, and the Somerville Police and Fire Departments are being commended for helping with the childbirth.

A couple from Walpole was on their way to Mt. Auburn Hospital to welcome their second child when they realized they weren't going to make it, the Somerville Police Department said Tuesday.

Luckily, Somerville police officers happened to be following up on an incident in the area, on Washington Street, around 11 p.m. It was around this time when the father, who was driving a pickup truck, pulled over and asked for help.

"Twelve minutes away [from the hospital] my fiancé started yelling, 'She's coming!' At that time I looked over and saw Lt. Carmine Vivolo with two other officers," said the father in a statement.

Lt. Vivolo, Officer Reese and Officer Dylan Lambert of the Somerville Police Department helped the mother prepare to give birth and called for an ambulance. With the help of the Somerville Fire Department and Lt. Bianca Alcaraz, officials safely delivered the baby and turned the family over to the Cataldo Ambulance when it arrived on the scene.

Following the birth, the parents were "extremely relieved," according to Somerville police, and Officer Reese took some pictures of the couple and their newborn so they could always remember the special delivery.

The next day, Cataldo paramedics reported the baby was healthy and the mother was doing well.

"With luck on my side Lt. Carmine and his crew being there at the right time and the right place was able to deliver my beautiful daughter," the father said. "I am gratefully thankful and honored to have had someone like Lt. Carmine to deliver my baby. We will be forever in his debt. I would like to thank the other two officers with him that days, but never caught [their] names."

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